How To Choose A Hypnotherapist: Experience

Let’s be honest here. Everyone has to start sometime, and the only way to gain experience in the field of hypnotherapy is by doing it. A great education, however, can prepare a new hypnotherapist for a career in this field, which is why I so highly recommend anyone interested in hypnotherapy as a career get a great education. And that education must include hands on, supervised experience to be considered a really great education.

Ask your potential therapist about their experience with your issue. They may have helped 500 people quit smoking or lose weight, but never dealt with sports performance issues. They may be experts at regression therapy for trauma, but have no experience with pain management.

Hypnotherapists as a whole tend to be a very sharing group of people. There are many online and in person communities where ideas and techniques are shared and advice given for just about any particular issue that a person might seek help with. Ask your hypnotherapist if they belong to any of these groups, and how they contribute.

If you do not feel that your hypnotherapist is experienced enough to help you with your issue, ask for a referral to someone who is.


About hypnotistlinda

I am a professional hypnotherapist in the Greater Grand Rapids, MI area. I work with all areas of hypnotherapy, specializing in smoking cessation, weight management, anxiety, and fibromyalgia treatment. Other common issues that bring people to hypnotherapy include personal and professional development, trauma resolution, phobia reversals, and sleep issues. I believe that each of us has the power to change our lives, by unleashing the full potential of our mind.
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