Resolved: This Year I Will…

So how are those New Year’s Resolutions working out for you? I got a little off track myself this weekend, due to being sick, which left me feeling lazy and unproductive. And maybe just a little bit whiny about it, too. And really, since I already bombed, what’s the point in continuing?

One of the biggest drawbacks I see in reaching our goals is our failure to plan for the setbacks. If we are good goal-setters, we have action steps that move us towards reaching our goals. We make a plan, and we follow that plan, and presto-chango, we reach that goal. Unless something derails us. Then, it seems, we so often just give in and give up.

It’s as if we have a little voice inside us that says, “You’re never going to make it.” “You’re too lazy.” “You’re too shy.” Or how about… “It’s just like the time…” “Remember how you tried before, and what happened?” Even worse, “What will people think if you do that?” A little voice inside us, dooming us to failure. And our goals get set by the wayside, and we continue to repeat the pattern of failure.

That little voice is trying to protect us. Trying to protect us from the pain of failure, ridicule, disappointment. But in doing so, it is keeping us from success and the thrill of victory. And the good news is, we can change that voice into a cheerleader, urging us on to success. By confronting the fears of the subconscious mind, by challenging the thought processes that deny us the very things that will meet our deepest needs, we can allow new behaviors to replace the old ones, and then, success.

I have a Plan B. I’m not going to let one weekend in January ruin my plans and keep me from my goals. Hypnosis helps me to remind myself that I can be successful at reaching my goals, and that when my entire mind is working towards those goals, wonderful things can happen.

If you would like some help reaching your goals during 2013, call Linda at 616-550-3231 for more information on turning your own worst critic into your very biggest fan.


About hypnotistlinda

I am a professional hypnotherapist in the Greater Grand Rapids, MI area. I work with all areas of hypnotherapy, specializing in smoking cessation, weight management, anxiety, and fibromyalgia treatment. Other common issues that bring people to hypnotherapy include personal and professional development, trauma resolution, phobia reversals, and sleep issues. I believe that each of us has the power to change our lives, by unleashing the full potential of our mind.
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