Stress Management That Works For You

Everyone has a preferred way of approaching life. Like being right handed or left handed, these preferences are not right or wrong, just the way we like to do things. Unfortunately, when we experience stress, we tend to shift into our least developed or least preferred method of behaving.

Understanding your personality preferences, and your responses to stressful situations can help you to deal with them more beneficially. It also helps you to understand why other people react the way they do to stress as well. This unique program will radically change your relationships at home and at work.

If you are interested in learning more about your personality type, and how you can respond to stressful situations more appropriately, call Linda at 616-550-3231.


About hypnotistlinda

I am a professional hypnotherapist in the Greater Grand Rapids, MI area. I work with all areas of hypnotherapy, specializing in smoking cessation, weight management, anxiety, and fibromyalgia treatment. Other common issues that bring people to hypnotherapy include personal and professional development, trauma resolution, phobia reversals, and sleep issues. I believe that each of us has the power to change our lives, by unleashing the full potential of our mind.
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2 Responses to Stress Management That Works For You

  1. Anne Wentzel says:

    Curious if you have ever worked with someone in reducing chronic pain.

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