Hypno-Chemo is a complementary adjunct to traditional cancer treatment, helping cancer patients and their caregivers develop the tools and mindset necessary to overcome cancer. Hypno-Chemo consists of 6 modules, focusing on the many aspects of cancer care.

Module 1. The Vent: Dealing with the emotional distress following your diagnosis.

Module 1b. The Caregiver: This is the caregiver’s opportunity to offload their emotions and understanding how to best manage themselves and the sufferer.

Module 2. Moving Forward: Building a winning team, taking control and understanding your objectives.

Module 3. Positivity Rules!: Building that positive mindset, and understanding your role in medical treatments and pain relief.

Module 4. Reinforcement and Surveillance: Once you’re on the mend you’ll want to reinforce and maintain that recovery.

Module 5. Recurrence. Assessing and dealing with a recurrence. Going back to the well one more time.

Module 6. Death and Acceptance. It comes to us all at some point. You can dwell on it or focus on going out in style and dignity.

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