Smoking Cessation

Becoming and remaining a non-smoker is a goal that many people have successfully reached using hypnosis.  At Hypnotherapy Associates of Grand Rapids, you can experience this same success.  Breaking the habit, detoxifying the body, and altering your own image of yourself as a non-smoker are all made easier by engaging the help of the subconscious mind.

Smoking cessation can typically be attained in one session.  However, recognizing that there are times when a little extra help is required, your smoking cessation package includes one follow up session if needed for one year following your initial session.

Imagine becoming and remaining a non-smoker… then contact us or call Linda at (616)550-3231 and make that imagining become reality.


5 Responses to Smoking Cessation

  1. Fee questions are answered privately. I can be contacted through the contact page, or give me a call at 616-550-3231.

    • jessica says:

      Wondering what the fee is for smoking sessions?

      • All fee information is answered individually, as fees are subject to change. I did respond to you in a separate email.

      • Sabrina Strickland says:

        How much would it be for 2 people to the smoking cessation?

      • Fee questions are generally answered privately, in general, we do give a slight discount for 2 people coming in together.In this case, the fee would be $125 (normally $75 each) for a couple. If you decided to attend the smoking cessation group together, the rate would be $35 each, no additional discounts are available on the group.

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