Stressed to Best

Have you ever wondered why you respond the way you do to stressful situations? How to Go From Stressed to Best is an excellent program to answer that question. Based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, How to Go From Stressed to Best offers insight grounded in your personality to accurately indicate what things may stress you out (and why other people do so well in those same situations), how you will generally react when stressed, and steps you can take to take control of those automatic reactions and move back to your naturally preferred mode of thinking and acting.

Stressed to Best works well with individuals and groups. Many couples have found it promote new levels of understanding and communications, as have parents and children, and employers, employees, and co-workers.

Understanding the dynamics of stress, and how it is expressed in your life can also help you in reaching other goals as well. So at Hypnotherapy Associates of Grand Rapids, we now offer this valuable information as a part of a holistic approach to reaching all goals.

At Hypnotherapy Associates of Grand Rapids, we offer Stressed to Best assessments and programs in individual, group, and workshop settings. Contact Linda at 616.550.3231 for more information.